About us

The inspiration behind Teach me too School

Too many children are becoming lost in ‘the system’ and are anxious and unable to cope with the daily ‘one size fits all’ demands put on them. Certain schools have become businesses – profit-driven organisations where the needs of the child are not always the top priority.

Children need to once again become the main focus within our education system.

Our aim is to create a thirst for knowledge and skills. To assist children to learn in their own unique way; in order that they become the best versions of themselves.

Our Vision

To provide each child with an exclusive, curriculum-blended education, using a variety of online programs and quality tuition.

Our Purpose

Our learning centre provides facilitated education, in a safe and nurturing environment that caters for children who do not prosper in mainstream schools.

“Education is far more than just a curriculum; every child is an individual and needs to be taught the way they learn.”